SUP lessons and board rental.

Our  trained instructors will show you everything you need to know in order to Stand Up Paddle within a few minutes.

After your first “SUP introduction course”… TAKE YOUR BOARD AND ENJOY SUP!


  • SUP introduction course FREE!
  • Rent board for 30 min. 10€
  • Rent board for 60 min. 15€


Group Booking(4 people per hour)
3 + 1 FREE


A few tips for those who try SUP for the first time:

Εάν είστε αρχάριος, αφήστε την πρώτη σας φορά να είναι σε ήρεμα, ήσυχα νερά και να έχετε κατά νου ότι θα μπορούσατε να πέσετε! Αυτό είναι το διασκεδαστικό κομμάτι!

If you are a beginner let your first time be in calm, flat water and keep in mind you could be falling! That’s the fun part!

  • Get the board out into in water so the fin is free from hitting the bottom.
  • Start out on your knees and take a few strokes on each side of the board.
  • Slowly, stand up with one foot at a time and stay in the middle of the board with your feet parallel to the stringer – about shoulder width apart.
  • Keep a slight bend in the knees and your core centered over the board.
    Make sure you have these in mind!!!
  • Always hold the paddle from the top of the handle. Lots of people always want to hold the paddle like a broomstick, with both hands on the shaft. Don’t do it! Always grab it from the top handle with one hand and the other on the shaft.
  • Keep your feet parallel and spread shoulder width apart. Everyone wants to get in a surf stance, but that makes paddling on the flat water ten times harder. Plus, you will fall.Save your surf stance for the surf, and keep your feet parallel with toes pointed toward the nose.
  • Make sure your grip on the paddle is shoulder width apart. Short grips will give you a powerless stroke.
  • Dip the blade fully into the water and take a long stroke, letting your large back muscles do the work. Many people put the full brunt of the stroke on the arms. Let the big back muscles do the brunt of the work.

SUP Kids + Ladyzone

We have an organised environment for Kids and Parents.

Enjoy your SUP, SUP Yoga while your kid is having fun in a secure observated environment.